About Us

Handistic.com is a marketplace for handmade products from artistic people. This Handmade ki Dukaan is the one shop with variety of products. Starting from jewellery, handmade greetings, home décor items, clothing, accessories, paintings, arts and crafts and many more options are available.

There is an art behind every handmade object. Creative hands turn rock into objects of divinity, minerals into lamps to worship them, plants into woven textures to wear and waste materials into beautiful objects of everyday utility. It is our small effort to offer a unique selection of attractive handmade products, while ensuring a fair price for every single artisan whose creations have been featured on this website. We endeavor to support our artisans not just by promoting what they make, but also by helping them with ideas and designs to innovate and create relevant craft products that appeal to changing tastes and modern preferences, to help them find wider customer base.

At Handistic, we are committed to give a wonderful experience which will surely be cherished.  Being ardent lovers of everything that blends tradition and creativity with modernity, we have embarked on a journey to explore the world through the lens of our arts, accessories and handicrafts. Handistic celebrates originality and spirit of the hard working artisan and helps in realizing  their vision of owning an exquisite piece of handmade product be a  reflective of the culture and rich heritage of our country. With every product that customers buy, it gives us a ray of hope that we will surely achieve our dream which is to give arts, crafts and handicrafts its appropriate place.      

So we urge all the artists to just flow with their creative spirit and bring out the best of them as “Art, undeniably is conductive to Happiness”.